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Privacy is a fundamental human right. Here at DeGore, it's also one of our core values.

DeGore processes thousands of images every day, so ensuring our users' privacy is our #1 priority.


What data is collected?

DeGore only collects data that is strictly necessary for the AI to function.


TL;DR: Yes, for the bot to function.

To nobody's surprise, DeGore has to temporarily get the link of the images sent in your server to have the AI validate whether it is SFW or not. This link is not stored (check Server logging below for exceptions) and is removed from memory as soon as the checking operation is complete.


TL;DR: Nope, unless it's a command.

No messages sent in chat which do not start with the prefix are collected or logged. Only messages starting with the / prefix are logged in args[] form for debugging purposes. However, the logs are automatically deleted after just minutes to protect your privacy.

 Personal Identifying Information

TL;DR: Nope, no, never.

Absolutely zero data is collected which could link to or identify you or the server you are in, in any way. We respect user privacy.
Server IDs are only stored to keep track of the image scans remaining in a server, and cannot be traced back to any specific user. Server IDs can be deleted from our database at any time upon a server owner's request.

 Server logging

If you are in a server protected by DeGore, server administrator(s) may have set up logging channels.

If a server administrator has configured custom logging channels for the server you're in, once DeGore detects and takes moderation action on an image, the link of the image which was deleted will be forwarded to the private logging channel. This allows human moderators to review the image which was sent and take appropriate action towards the user.
Note that DeGore will only forward the image link if the custom logging channel set by the administrator is private and NSFW-marked. Otherwise, only the category predictions will be sent in an embed.
To opt-out of server logging, you must leave the server.

 FAQ: Who has access to the data?

We're glad you asked.

Only 1 member of the DeGore team has access to the debugging logs of the system which contains the image links and threshold values, however the images are never opened or looked at. The logs are automatically deleted after just minutes to protect your privacy.

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