Discord's most advanced AI-powered image moderation bot.
Finally, time to take a break from manual moderation ;)

Unparalleled image detection

DeGore's image detection is much more accurate than any other service. With the highest detection rate, you can have ease of mind that your server is safe.

No setup needed

As soon as you add DeGore to your server, DeGore will spring into action and start scanning any images sent.
Just run /setup and you're good to go.

DeGore never sleeps

With an average 99.99% uptime, you can rest assured have peace of mind that DeGore is always monitoring and keeping your server protected.

Better than the competition.

By using an advanced AI model, DeGore is able to categorize and detect images with immaculate accuracy.
When compared to other services, DeGore performed 2x better, with an average accuracy of 97% as opposed to a measly 48% average accuracy with other solutions.

DeGore Respects your Privacy

Privacy is a fundamental human right. Here at DeGore, it’s also one of our core values.

DeGore processes thousands of images every day, and so ensuring our users' privacy is our #1 priority.
We ensure that DeGore always remains up-to-date with the latest security patches, and have multiple systems in place to both protect and limit the data collected.


DeGore is run thanks to the generous support of Linode.