Running Low on Image Scans?
Choose a plan to protect your server.

There's a plan for servers of all sizes.

 Tier 1

200 Requests

The essential. Get another 200 image scans to ensure your server remains protected without interruptions. Recommended for servers just starting out.

$2.99 per month

 Tier 2

500 Requests

Best value. Get 500 image scans. For server owners of medium-large servers who really take their server at heart, and want the best uninterrupted protection.

$3.99 per month

 Tier 3

1000 Requests

Go Pro. Get 1000 image scans. This is the ultimate tier for large community servers, and for server owners whose community's safety is their #1 priority.

 Tier 4

2500 Requests

Perfect middle ground.
Get 2500 image scans. This tier is perfect for servers which are actively growing and thriving, created with value in mind.

$9.99 per month

 Tier 5

10000 Requests

The ultimate solution.
Get 10K image scans. No matter how big your server is, we've got you covered.
Best for large servers with thousands of members.

$19.99 per month

 Custom Tier

Need more? Contact us.

If you need more than 10K image scans a month, simply get in touch by clicking the button below.
Let's discuss the optimal solution for you, together!

 Custom Configuration

Moderate only what you choose.

Create your own custom configuration for your server to enable or disable the detection of certain (or all) image categories.

Available for all tiers.

 Protect your Server

Unparalleled performance.

DeGore helps protect your server by removing unwanted images in just milliseconds, to keep your community safe.

Available for all tiers.

 Priority Support

Get answers, fast.

Get express, 1-to-1 support on our Discord server, to answer any questions you may have.

Priority available to Tier 1 and up.

 Custom Logging Channels

Get instant notifications when DeGore takes action.

Set the channel where DeGore will send messages regarding image deletions, to keep your public chats log-free and to keep all of DeGore's logs at one dedicated channel.

Available for all tiers.

 Image Whitelisting / Blacklisting

Allow / Disallow specific images from being sent.

Whitelist images to allow them to be sent in your server no matter what, and blacklist images to disallow them from being sent in your server.

 slots available to Tier 1 and up.

 Wide support of extensions

DeGore can scan images no matter it's extension.

DeGore supports a wide variety of extensions, such as .PNG, .JPG, .TIFF, .WEBP, .GIF and many more.

Available for all tiers.

 Advanced Detection Statistics

View DeGore's in-depth analytics to learn how to improve your server.

Get in-depth insights and stay informed regarding the most commonly deleted image categories in your community.

Available to Tier 2 and up.

 Hidden URL Detection

There's no sneaking past DeGore.

DeGore can detect sneaky URLs hidden inside of long and crammed messages, including the thumbnail/preview image of websites. With DeGore in your server, nothing will get past.

Available for all tiers.

 Staff Whitelist

Staff gets immunity.

Easily set the staff roles you'd like DeGore to not scan images from.
Images sent by staff members won't be scanned, and consequently won't count towards your monthly usage.

Available for all tiers.

 Coming Soon: DeGore Dashboard

Configure DeGore through the web!

Interface with DeGore directly through a sleek and advanced web interface for the ultimate experience.

Available for all tiers. Certain features may be exclusive to DeGore Plus members.
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